Fluid is hiring a sales manager!

11/13/08 :: by moquito

We’re looking for a passionate, talented sales manager. Check out the link below!



11/06/08 :: by brocksteady

Brilliant all-Lego animated fashion show:

JCDC VS LEGO from Four H on Vimeo.

Good times.

Kiel Johnson: Awesomist Tomorrow

11/06/08 :: by brocksteady

Friend of Fluid, Kiel Johnson, is having an opening tonight at NYC’s Nancy Margolis Gallery. For those of you that can’t make the opening, the exhibition continues through December 20th.

Obama’s Social Media Advantage

11/06/08 :: by brocksteady

Here’s an interesting article outlining not only the role the internet played in the 2008 U.S. election cycle, but the clear advantage Obama had in using technology to connect to his audience.

New Tools

11/05/08 :: by pwang

Working all day on the computer, I am constantly looking for new shortcuts and improvements to my process. Here are two new tools I am and will be using for a while.

1. TabGroups+ - this Firefox extension adds another layer of organization to standard tabs, potentially allowing a single Firefox window to have hundreds of tabs, provided you have enough free system resources. Since whatever I work on usually takes a few tabs each, this means I can better organize all my browser instances into one window, for better or worse. Note that you can set Firefox to start with previously open tabs, preventing you from losing your tabs session after a crash. Also note this extension is experimental, so you’ll need to register for an account on Mozilla.

2. Dropbox - follows the current web trend and is a free online web service that stores your files on the cloud. You can download their cross-platform desktop app to as many computers as desired. When the app is running, it syncs whatever is in your special Dropbox folder on that computer with your Dropbox webspace. If you’re working on many computers throughout the week like I am, the few minutes of setup time is definitely worth it. Even more, Dropbox allows you to share folders with other users like your friends.

What really sold me with both tools is the easy of use and the general lack of configuration and feature creep. They do a couple things, but they do them really well, and it doesn’t take a tech wizard to use them.

Yes We Can!

11/05/08 :: by magalish

Due to be released in December, Yes We Can: Barack Obama’s History-Making Presidential Campaign documents Barack Obama’s journey to become elected president. The book features over 200 color photographs taken by Scout Tufankjian, the only independent photographer to cover the entire campaign. She took around 12,000 photographs total, starting before Obama announced his run, and continuing through last night’s celebration at Grant Park.

“From coffee shops and diners to auto manufacturing plants and bowling alleys, Tufankjian followed Obama as he wooed potential voters in expensive houses as well as in poverty-stricken Indian reservations. She covered the primaries, the debates, and the final weeks of the hard-fought campaign, shooting more than 12,000 images—the deepest, most comprehensive, and most personal portrait of the man and his run as well as of the people who came to see him, hear him, and vote for him. Yes We Can is as much about Americans and their hopes and visions for America as it is about the man that gave them voice.” —powerHouse Books

(via UnBeige)

2008 California Biennial

11/04/08 :: by brocksteady

SoCal art fans should definitely head down to the Orange County Museum of Art for the 2008 California Biennial. The so-called “tour de force” of the exhibit is an animatronic sculpture by Daniel J. Martinez, which was built and programmed by my good friend (and fellow SACI alumn) Peter Clarke.

Here’s a nice description of the piece in action:

Dressed in white pants and white shirt, with close-cropped hair and facial stubble, the figure appears deranged. Its eyes are rolled back, its teeth bared. A chunky, hip-hop-style silver belt buckle spells out the name “Ishmael.” At regular intervals, the reclining robot comes to mechanical life. An arm flops. A leg kicks. The head rolls forward and the torso twitches. When the flailing body parts hit the raised floor, it acts like a loud drum. The herky-jerky motion gets steadily more forceful, sometimes exposing the mechanical works beneath the floor that propel the man. The escalating racket is a cross between percussive music and a machine gun. It’s exciting, but there’s also a sense of relief when the figure finally pipes down and goes limp, returning to its static, soundless state.

I was fortunate enough to see the sculpture at various stages during the process, but I find these images documenting an extremely early stage of development to be some of the most haunting interesting.

Burton + Fudge

11/03/08 :: by brocksteady

My friend Travis Millard just finished an extensive collaboration with Burton for their 2009 product line. They took a playful and bold illustrative approach to their packaging and hang tags, which contrasts well with the techy graphics. Look for some of Travis’ brilliant illustrated details on Burton’s site as well.

1PT.Rule - a graphic design webcomic

10/28/08 :: by magalish

Finally, just what we’ve all been waiting for—an online comic about graphic designers! The comic, written and illustrated by Nate Voss, is supposedly based on a true story. “Sometimes when things reach ridiculous levels, you just need to ridicule them,” says Voss in his blog. Visit 36point every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to view the latest shenanigans!

Hello W3 Awards!

10/17/08 :: by hdunce

Breaking news: Fluidesign won 5 silver W3 awards!

W3 winner

We won 4 silver awards for the following categories for TripKick.com:

Best Structure/Navigation

And we also won the How To/Instructional Video silver award for Coupon Chief’s Video. Yay!

If you want even more news (and some life tips as well), check this!