Google Lively: Just Avatar Chatting?

08/20/08 :: by allismarkham

Whilst researching some different video games and open-source communicating applications, I stumbled upon Google Lively. I remember checking it out once before and maybe reading a blog post or two about it.
Now, I like the concept. It’s kind of like a free, un-intimidating, easy to access Second Life. You don’t have to buy anything or spend a lot of time immersing yourself into the world to understand it. So, I thought I would try it out.

Building my avatar and learning how to move were easy. But, I found it unbelievable slow at times- as did many of the users I “spoke” with. It’s still in beta, so that’s to be expected.
To me, Lively appears to be a glorified chat system. I kept wondering, “Is this useful?” Interfacing beyond text can be much more immersive, true. But if I wanted some personal communication with family or friends, why wouldn’t I just use Skype? As for meeting and chatting with strangers, Lively was excellent. There are several active “rooms” and a seemingly huge community at all times.
So if you’re looking for a time-sponge that’s easy to use, try Lively.

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