the olympic torch… and it’s varied glory

08/15/08 :: by stina

Now I may be in the minority here, but I have always assumed they used the same torch for every Olympics. It kind of makes sense, right? Like the treasured heirloom that ties the games together? Kay, so, no. I was wrong. (For more on childhood delusions proved wrong mid-life, see this EXCELLENT episode of This American Life. Seriously, mine could have been worse.)

Anyway, as it turns out, a new torch IS in fact created for each games. And they are super neat and often match the logo. I do love a good line up of similar but varied items.

The NY Times has created a nifty little game where in you can see many torches with their corresponding logos. Check it.

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  1. allismarkham Says:

    I actually knew someone who ran with the Olympic torch when the games were in Atlanta. He got to buy his particular torch (used on a specific leg or the journey) in a catalog from that year’s designs and keep it.

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