The Spiders are Coming.

08/05/08 :: by allismarkham

In the ever looming process of building traffic and awareness for this blog & the Fluidesign website, I have been looking at some really diverse SEO and social media techniques. The great thing about this post is that I’m both talking about and utilizing a few of them at the same time. 

Most people know how important it is to have your site catalogued in the DMOZ, Yahoo! and ZoomInfo directories. If their spiders haven’t crawled your pages you’re probably missing out on some extra clickage. (I’m helping our chances just by linking to them in fact.) But, it seems that Technorati’s SEO powers are starting to reach beyond diligent blog-rolling and tagging.

To “claim” a blog as yours on Technorati, you can choose to embed  link (as below) and their spiders will catalogue it immediately. This not only confirms to Technorati that you are the owner of the blog you signed up with, but also adds you to their catalogue. Apparently, their library is becoming quite vast and helping to boost user SEO. No word yet on rather or not they plan on making the caches a public service. 

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  1. vs+ Says:

    I see that you also use pigeons as a communication resource…

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