Old vs New or Good vs Evil or Communication vs Pollution… etc…

07/31/08 :: by admin

The video title is “why america is fucked”. I don’t geographically agree because the issue is not only american, alas. In France (for example), I can’t stand those ads using Comic Sans. No, really. The solution is obviously not to use Helvetica of course (btw, watch the movie), but please think about the future vintage !! Will we have to send a terminator to erase Vincent Connare’s mother ?

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  1. magalish Says:

    Damnit, Victor - I was just about to post this same video, but you beat me to it! In fact, I started to write the post last night, but fell asleep and woke up at 5 am with my computer still on my lap…

    Anyway, this video is pretty cool. Apparently, it’s from The Draplin Project by Jess Gibson, about the state of graphic design in America. Check out Draplin Design’s website too: http://www.draplin.com/

  2. don Says:

    More shotes here:



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