Japanese Problem Solving

07/30/08 :: by admin

I think it could be said that everyone enjoys the challenge of solving a difficult problem. The euphoria that we get when we can shake our fists in the air and say, “Ha! Thought you could fool me?” brings me great happiness. And when it comes to challenges, I think the Japanese really know how test the limits of problem solving with their wacky game shows (such as human tetris - see video below). Beyond the entertainment value, I think these game shows are really good examples of thinking outside of the box in order to meet goals.

When you look at a situation for face value without thinking of other ways to approach them, you’re more likely to run into obstacles and possibly even fail. However, if you consider your options and investigate the most efficient and easiest path to take…that might not necessarily be the most obvious, you can achieve success. In the end, sometimes it just easier to duck down instead of doing the splits.

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  1. allismarkham Says:

    I think I hear a company-wide challenge in there somewhere….

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