Looking to the Past

07/30/08 :: by magalish

P-19, World of Logotypes

I’ve looked to this collection of vintage logos a source of inspiration ever since I first discovered it on flickr. The set features pages from a 70s edition of the book World of Logotypes. It’s interesting to see how some brands have changed over the years, and how some classic marks have stood the test of time.

Looking at all these logos together makes me wonder though—how long will we be able to keep coming up with new ways to treat letterforms? With everything out there that’s been done already, will designers one day run out of original ideas?

I had a moment of panic, but then I realized that part of what defines a design is the context that surrounds it. And since the universe is constantly changing, the design world will always evolve with it. As long as we appreciate what’s been done in the past, while drawing inspiration from the world around us, we’ll keep coming up with new ideas and putting fresh spins on old ones.

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  1. pwang Says:

    Some of these old designs remind me of the ‘mon’ family crests from old Japan through their circular form. But of course, these stand out with their asymmetry. Good find!

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