I feel you on that

07/23/08 :: by demanda

Are Australians truly happier than Americans? Do women really feel fat more often than men? Visit We Feel Fine to peer into the emotions of your distant and not-so-distant neighbors. This site harvests feelings from weblogs all over the world. It scours entries for phrases that have the words “I feel” and “I am feeling” and can map how the world feels on a particular day, hour or minute. fascinating.

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  1. magalish Says:

    This is such a fun and interesting site. It’s fascinating to see the ways in which people from all over the world are connected to one another.

    I’ve visited this site before, but have never explored it in depth until you just reminded me of it. If you go to findings, it breaks down the occurrence of certain keywords statistically by city. Apparently, Sarasota–where I just moved from–is the third most loved city, and LA is the sixth sexiest—woo hoo!

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