Keeping Track of Resources…Literally.

07/23/08 :: by admin

Keeping track of people is hard. Keeping track of people when you need them most is not just hard, but might cause mild heart attacks. What’s a project manager to do? I don’t know, secretly place computer chips in each person that I’ve become dependent on for deliverables? Probably a bad option considering I’d probably get arrested for that idea. However…thanks to technology and Loopt, I can turn their mobile device into a “social tracker” (or a tracking device for neurotic PMs). Loopt allows users to keep track of friends and contacts via a detailed interactive map on their mobile phones.

Loopt at 2008 WWDC Keynote from Wendyness on Vimeo.

Now if only I can convince everyone to use this program so I know their whereabouts at all times.

2 Responses to “Keeping Track of Resources…Literally.”

  1. brocksteady Says:

    Yeah it’s pretty cool. I started playing around with it, but finally determined it’s yet another resource for budding stalkers. Ha.

  2. Evan Meagher Says:

    That’s double popped-collar cool. Services like this seem cool, as long as you have the option to go dark. And I still think that the majority of people aren’t going to care about services like this. The smart phone demographic has to increase exponentially before location-based apps are going to be worth anything to end users.

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