Kiel Johnson @ Mark Moore Gallery

05/14/08 :: by brocksteady

My good friend Kiel Johnson, who was just awarded the Pollock-Krasner Grant, is showing at the Mark Moore Gallery in Santa Monica May 17-June 21. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Exploring the middle ground between the the factual and the fictitious, he creates caricatures of reality, cartoon like systems that function yet seem as though they should not, and vice versa.

The relationship between Johnson and the crowded and impacted Port of Long Beach (where his studio is based) has influenced his 2D and 3D work as he addresses the nature of commerce and the individual. His interest in the dynamic between the alienation of the individual and the overabundance of things in the world fuels his curiosity about how things work and the physical mapping out and making of things (both real and imaginary).

Reception for the artists: May 17th, 5-7

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  1. kiel Says:

    great show. When I saw it, I almost felt like I made it all myself. very powerful feeling..

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