I want $10/gallon gas

05/04/08 :: by moquito

Gas PricesYes, you read right. I want gas to go to $10/gallon. Actually, I want it to go to $100/gallon.

I’m not a sadist and I don’t own stock in any oil companies. My Dad is not the King of Saudi Arabia.

I am an entrepreneur who knows that there needs to be market opportunity in order for entrepreneurs to pay attention, and be motivated to solve problems. If horses could’ve gone 100mph, perhaps the car would’ve never been invented. If typewriters could “undo” perhaps computers would’ve never been necessary. Today, if gas was still $1.50/gallon, all-electric cars like the Tesla, and hybrid cars like the Prius would not exist.

We are killing our planet by filling 12MPG SUVs up twice a week. Yes, a select few are benefiting tremendously (see Exxon’s latest earnings report here), but the consequence of our current habit is twofold. One, we are causing the planet to warm (I’ll let Al Gore do the heavy lifting explanation on this). Two, we’re creating a huge imbalance of wealth in the world, and oil is already being used as a policital weapon against the “west.”

The more gas goes up, the more entrepreneurs like myself are going to be thinking of creative solutions. Electric cars? Cars that run on water? Hydrogen? Air? I don’t know what the future is, but I do know that it’s not on gas. The higher the price goes, the quicker we’ll get there.

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