Don’t force your customers to do things

04/21/08 :: by moquito

Apple Updater
I recently posted about how Apple is “making customers for life” - and I believe strongly in what I wrote. Apple rarely does things that rub me the wrong way… but here’s one. They’re acting like Microsoft by “updating” Safari on Windows using the Apple Software Update, a tool that millions have downloaded to keep iTunes and Quicktime up to date. Customers have trusted Apple by installing an updater, and that’s exactly what it should be used for - updating existing software on your computer. I don’t have Safari for Windows installed at all, yet I was prompted to “update” it. How can you update before you install for the first time? By trying to dupe customers into installing Safari this way, Apple is eroding trust it has worked so hard to build, and is taking a play directly out of the Microsoft handbook.

UPDATE: Apple released a release to the updater today, that categorizes software into “New Software” and “Updates” - probably in response to this issue. It’s still an “Updater” and I stand by my original point that updaters, by definition, should be used to update existing software, only. Period.

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