Copy Is Everything

04/11/08 :: by dcook

TGIF Motherfuckers

It’s amazing how good copy can improve the appeal of virtually anything.

If you go to a site that has poor copy it’s apparent as soon as you lay eyes on the page. This makes going back to these sites painful and annoying to read. On the contrary, sites that take care to produce good copy always garner my attention. These sites draw users in. Whether the site’s content is news related, comedy related, sports related, or documentation related the copy can be something that either repels or attracts users.

Take the market of e-cards. E-cards these days are a dime a dozen. There are tons of annoying animated, singing e-cards that are relatively useless to me. However, a site like uses it’s copy and a simple image to really captivate it’s users. I go to this site all the time and just spend time wandering around, finding comedic gem after comedic gem.

I wish more sites would take into consideration the copy they produce, it makes a world of difference.

In the spirit of Friday, I’ve posted one of my favorite e-card images.

3 Responses to “Copy Is Everything”

  1. stina Says:

    OMG so appropriate for friday afternoon. love it dcook.

  2. brocksteady Says:

    Totally agree with you and we all focus on such details around here. In fact, we generally love injecting attitude into our projects — except for last year when the cute polar bear on our holiday ecard was censored for saying “happy holidaze bitches!” I’ll never let that one go….

  3. e-cards - DesignersTalk Says:

    [...] don’t know of any tutorials like that, but here’s a good article on writing good copy, with respect to ecards. __________________ website | digg | | [...]

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