Steve Jobs on Paul Rand, circa 1993

03/31/08 :: by brocksteady

Something to take note of during this interview is that after SJ asks PR to present several options, PR replies: “If you want options go talk to other people. I will solve your problem for you, and you will pay me whether you use it or not.”

I know Mr. Rand is able to take such a stance partially due to his design-god status, but I do think he was able to achieve such status (and confidence) by taking such a pragmatic approach to design, rather than leaving it up to opinions based on arbitrary decisions.

It’s becoming increasingly important for UI designers to understand a clients end business goals as we’re guiding a user through content and actionable information. If we can defend our designs based on problem solving mechanisms and best practices, we can avoid having to unnecessarily go through round after round of revisions until all opinions involved have been satisfied.

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    I was very disappointed. What a misleading post title.

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