Live video projections for Castaneda @ Fashion Week LA

03/18/08 :: by brocksteady

Castaneda @ BoxEight Studios F/W 08 LA from Brock Batten on Vimeo.

I took some random Flip party footage while doing video projections for my friends band Castaneda during a Fashion Week [so] LA party at BoxEight Studios over the weekend. Good fashionable times fo shoa, and an excellent turnout of mights (man-tights) and meggings (you guessed it). Our client California Apparel News has some nice reviews of the fashion shows if you want to know a little more about the fashion side of this event.

Sorry for the low-quality video, but you know how it goes at those drunken events (and shooting w/ toy cameras) — it was enough of a miracle to just get all my gear set up in time. I’ll hopefully find time to cut something decent together, as it was actually an amazing show.

3 Responses to “Live video projections for Castaneda @ Fashion Week LA”

  1. stina Says:

    um, i’m a wee bit disappointed that your footage doesn’t include any shots at all of the aforementioned meggings.

  2. hdunce Says:

    boys in bands are soo cute

  3. Patrick Says:

    I am sure at least two of those words aren’t really in the English language.

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