Riot at SXSW

03/13/08 :: by stina

The infamous Sarah Lacy interview of Mark Zuckerberg is clearly old news in the blogosphere by now. But in catching up on nerdy tech gossip you probably didn’t notice, sitting pretty in the eye of the maelstrom, your friend and mine… Mr. Brock Batten! Good times.


(Image from cnet, and thanks goes out to perez for his always inspiring image treatments.)

3 Responses to “Riot at SXSW”

  1. Patrick Says:

    I had to sit in the overflow room and watch via simulcast because apparently there wasn’t enough room in the main room for all the SXSWi attendees AND Sarah Lacy’s ego.

  2. hdunce Says:

    I sat next to a designer from paypal. you can’t see either of us.

  3. moquito Says:

    I was right next to Brock - unfortunately blocked by the woman’s armpit. What an interview! CNET and others covered it, but there’s nothing like being in it. It was like being in a helicoptor watching a time lapse of the titantic about to sink.

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