03/06/08 :: by brocksteady


It seems like we’re always discussing various pipe dream data visualization ideas around here, so it was nice to see this article featuring several great developers who are actualizing their ideas in beautiful ways.

We’re so immersed in web technologies now that it only makes sense to start viewing the data surrounding us outside of it’s normal context. This helps us gain perspective on what we, and our social connections really are. I think there are definitely parallels to what media artists are doing now to what dadaists like Duchamp and Ernst were doing with re-appropriating found objects. The difference is that we now visualize our virtual social connections and digital “trash” (spam, etc) rather than our our physically discarded objects. The concept of self is losing it’s hyper-locality.

So if you’re a Processing or Max/MSP/Jitter ninja, then hit me up if you want to collab. We’ve got some projects ready to go.

3 Responses to “Visualize”

  1. hdunce Says:

    For sure. I can’t wait until all of our physical limitations are completely dissolved.

  2. dcook Says:

    I can’t believe how stoked I am about this.

    My life is changed forever.

  3. hdunce Says:

    @dcook, the world is ours!

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