Directed Study?

04/24/07 :: by brocksteady


Okay, I know that Directed Study hasn’t really worked out due to our individual workloads. In fact, I can’t really imagine it being any more of a beat-down-bastard-child-pipe-dream.

BUT, that being said:

I thought I’d use a recent Brand New School project for Adobe to show the possibilities of what we can accomplish if we take DS seriously. This mural installation is a great example of designer/programmer collaboration—and is the type of work that I’d envisioned eventually coming out of DS.

It not only seamlessly integrates art, design, and programming, but it brings it all away from the computer for direct human interaction. The installation is set to tour around the world and appear at film festivals, media conferences, etc. Basically generating far more PR than yet another tricked out flash website, and positioning BNS as an industry leader.

So seriously, let’s find a way to flex our creativity—because I haven’t seen a lot of payoff for spending those extra Friday hours cranking away on [insert client project here].

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  1. Patrick Says:

    I’ve only been able to do Directed Study twice. It’s hard to come up with anything useful when I only do it once every 6 weeks. I actually totally forgot about it!

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