Palettes, get your palettes here!

02/26/08 :: by stina


I love discovering automated design helpers on our BFF, the internet. Who doesn’t appreciate Stripe Generator and it’s quirky cousin, Tartan Maker? Here’s another to add to the list: Palette Generator! This might be the greatest thing since Vector Magic. Just upload a photo (or presumably any graphic file that inspires you) and in like 2 seconds you have a palette complete with hex values and inventive color names. Talk about voila!

It’s like the Joshua Davis trick, but automated (and less customizable). Of course, it’s not always the palette you are imagining, but it’s a nice start. Could come in handy if you’re considering dressing in palettes.

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  1. brocksteady Says:

    I’m usually not a fan of quirky cousins, but Tartan Maker is just so hard to hate!

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