SXSW, the interactive track

02/22/08 :: by hdunce


We will be heading to Austin for SXSW on March 7 and staying til the 11th. The above artwork is from last year. I just like it.
Yea! I am going to attempt to keep all good SXSW resources organized here for us and for our readers. Feel free to post too!
1) The schedule.
2) Mobile access to everything you need to know.
2b) Text 47979 to get mobile updates.
3) Parties, all you really need to know, right?
4) Social network for SXSW, yes it exists.

What else!?

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  1. hdunce Says:

    oh, this is a good party list:

  2. hdunce Says:

    omg, an rss feed for every time someone mentions sxsw:

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