More microblogging for me!

02/21/08 :: by hdunce


I agree with Imran Zaidi, “producing content should be an active process and assembling an audience should be effortless” and “pull the blogger down from the stage and into the crowd. When you flatten the relationship between posts and comments, commenters become publishers in their own right, and content becomes less lonely” and “design isn’t everything, but it’s pretty close”

Imran launced streem which was posted on mashable today. Love the conversation format. Wondering if I signed up? I did.

P.S. I really like “Universe”. Netvibes is using that term now too.

2 Responses to “More microblogging for me!”

  1. hyperballad400 Says:

    i’m gonna be the annoying critical one right off the bat:
    1) hate the colors
    2) without many other people on there yet, there has to be a better way to picture what your area will look like once it’s full of content. it’s just too empty to start out. don’t feel i have a mental framework for getting started.

  2. hdunce Says:

    1) I agree, colors are a little to reggae for me.

    2) you could just go to the feeds page or look at someone else’s page.

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