Otro lugar para tomar una copa…

02/12/08 :: by stina


… and also grab a few pretty darn authentic tapas. Bar Pintxo, the latest venture from Venice neighbor Joe Miller (of Joe’s on Abbot Kinney), popped it’s teeny head up just 1 block west of us on SMB. It’s just cute as a button (and almost as big) and feels truly like a slice of tortilla Española when you walk, or should I say squeeze, your way in the front door. It’s narrow in true tapas bar tradition with barely room for the stools along the open kitchen and the patrons lining the wall, happily sipping glasses of Txakolina, waiting for one of the 9 tall tables to open up.


What I love about Bar Pintxo is how utterly Spanish it feels. The main wall/hallway includes a little shelf, just big enough for your glass of wine or tiny plate to rest while you converse (very closely) with your friends; plus hooks for coats, and shelves to stash your purse and shopping bags if you lucky enough to be seated at a table. Plus they’ve got the traditional pig-leg-in-a-vice on the bar: nothing like a slice of jamón right off the lomo, so I’m told. Bar Pintxo is supposed to hail from Barcelona, but IMO this spot is Vasco (that’s Basque for you non-Spaniards) to the core. It’s warm and loud and there were even real Spaniards sitting at the table next to Demanda, BF Brock, and I. Felt just like a night in San Sebastian, except I wasn’t near as drunk as those study abroad days.

As for the food… well, can’t say that Spanish food is always (ever) at the top of my list as a vegetarian but what we had was tasty and great fun to order. It’s a perfect spot for glass of wine and little snack after work.

Bar Pintxo
109 Santa Monica Blvd.
(no rezzies, so expect to crowd in and enjoy the scene while you wait).

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  1. Patrick Says:

    Paella? Spanish Tortilla? Those can be vegetarian indeed. My grandfather spins in his grave…

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