Dealmaker 2008

01/24/08 :: by moquito

Went to Dealmaker 2008 last night at Michael Ovitz’s offices. It was great to see socal and norcal hanging out together, and more importantly L.A. coming into its own in the tech scene. We’ve been under the radar for far too long!

Dealmaker 2008 : Michael Schneider and Michael Ovitz

4 Responses to “Dealmaker 2008”

  1. hlipner Says:

    Who’s in the photo with you?

  2. moquito Says:

    Pete Cashmore of Mashable and Alana Semuels, LA Times Technology Writer

  3. hlipner Says:

    well, thanks. it’s such a cute pic! maybe next time you could upload a 1024 x 683 size image.

  4. hdunce Says:

    really tho, can you fix the pic? it’s messing with our style.

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