1 Billion Reasons to Feel Uneasy

01/18/08 :: by Patrick

MySQL, the world’s most popular open source database, has been acquired by Sun Microsystems for 1$ billion dollars. Why is this significant? Sun happens to be strategic partners with none other than Oracle. MySQL has been a thorn in Oracle’s side for quite some time because it’s fast, powerful and worst of all, free. So why wouldn’t Oracle just buy MySQL out right? One theory suggests that it would be too obvious to European regulators that Oracle would be out to execute the lil’ database that could. MySQL is based out of Sweden, also noted for its Swedish Bikini Team.

The question is; will MySQL continue to be a high-quality product for salt-of-the-earth web developer types, or will it succumb to the best interests of blood lusting, hundred-dollar-bill-burning-for-fun corporate sycophants?

Fact of the matter is, most times a mega-corporate company buys a product I use, I don’t notice a difference (save for the inundation of 20th Century Fox adds when News Corp bought MySpace).

The one thing I am truly bummed out about is the MySQL was going to go public as MySQL IPO in which I was considering investing in.

Ah well, I guess I will just have to invest in Nesting.com instead.

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