I would like to divorce Evite, but it looks like I will still be lonely.

04/20/07 :: by hdunce

Alright, we all know that Evite’s templates are not pretty. So I ask, is there a competitor out there that has amazing templates?

Ok, well, I went ahead and answered my own question. I believe the answer is no. However, I found some interesting things along the way.

Mypunchbowl.com’s interface is pretty cool. I hit the sign up button and got this. Do you guys like this? I was taken a back a little because I thought I was going to get more info before I signed up, but really, it is much faster and easier. If you try creating an account you will see that almost every step is like this. I suggest creating a sample invitation.


HOWEVER you will find that the templates are again very very very ugly. Kristina, I would not suggest using this to announce your engagement.


Then I stumbled upon Socializr. Uh, it looks like this site let’s the users create the templates. Bad idea huh! haha! Anyway, at least Borat is represented. 21.jpg

Well, well. I guess I am going to have to announce my next big party via snail mail.

3 Responses to “I would like to divorce Evite, but it looks like I will still be lonely.”

  1. brocksteady Says:

    Should’ve acted on this idea a long long time ago. This sites are all such disasters.

  2. brocksteady Says:

    This is a great post H. There are so many other case studies we should put together like this…

  3. brocksteady Says:

    Hey everyone:

    If you’re going to post giant images, please select to display them as thumbails so it won’t break the page layout. User’s can always click to enlarge.

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