Anisette sneak peek

01/15/08 :: by stina


Kay, now I’m excited. LOOK AT THE CEILINGS! They are like two stories tall. This could be good, guys. Really good. Then again, it could turn out like the inside of an Il Fornaio.

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  1. brocksteady Says:

    Wow. You are really on the scoop!

  2. Patrick Says:

    Why, just today in our elevator, I overheard the beer and wine guys saying the bar is on it’s way over from France right this very moment.

  3. stina Says:

    Ahem, update on our friends downstairs…

    Eater LA tells us “Anisette should finally open in April.” OMG they are killing me. We NEED a loud and zinc-bar-lined spot for dependable post-work drinks. NEED. NOW.

  4. stina Says:

    Anisette gets a write up last Sunday in the LA Times Magazine even before the proverbial paint is dry, (I think they are actually going with wallpaper). So apparently brasseries are all the rage in foodie LA right now. Score! We will be so hip working above one.

    You need an LA Times login (free) to read the article, but it’s comparing our new friends with Comme Ça which is always a good sign.

    “At Anisette, the innovation will be on the plate. The brasserie will also have separate menus, Giraud says, for breakfast, brunch, lunch, late afternoon, dinner and late night. (At first, though, it will offer dinner only.) But don’t ask Giraud not to change the menu.

    “Seasonal dishes, he assures us, will appear as daily specials. ‘We are one block from the farmers market,’ Giraud says. ‘I could serve cherries in December, but I won’t. I like to feel connected to the seasons.’ ”

    My kind of wonderful.

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