Something to tide you over until the opening of Anisette: Bar Chloe

01/15/08 :: by stina


Considering we still have another month or so until our friends downstairs are open and serving us drinks, those on the hunt for a cozy place to grab a drink might enjoy the scene at Bar Chloe.


Sadly, I don’t have moody photos of my own to share, (I’ve been twice, but that was before I appointed myself the official 6th Floor Restaurant and General Food Critic), but let’s see what else I can dish out.

First, the petite space is trés cute with ornate wallpaper, huge antiqued mirrors, and a vintage-y bar. It’s dark and velvety and candlelit. And the waitresses are lovely and wear rather fetching French grey and red dresses. We do love the details!

The cocktail menu is extensive and inventive, and comes in a book of it’s own which is always a delight when you’re in search of something new and delicious. Again, I’ve only been twice which means I’ve AT BEST only had 8 or so drinks, but from what I remember they were quite tasty. I do love a good Vesper! As for food, we just had a teeny snack of bar nuts, crostini and grilled cheese. All were notably rich, which after number of drinks can be welcome at first. But you know, I did get a little tired of the thin butter-soaked toasts overpowering the actual toppings of the crostini. Same story with the grilled cheese. Of course this is bar food and for that, I’d have to say reasonably yummy!

NOW, onto immediate issues you might consider. There is really only one. Music. What sort might you imagine for bar like this? Maybe some remixed french lounge music? That’s what I was expecting/hoping for. But no, it’s strictly classic rock at Bar Chloe. I’m serious. Just like that, a slap in the face. Oh and the 2nd time we were there, the bartender sang every song. Kind of kills the mood, no?

C’est la vie.

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  1. Patrick Says:

    Do they have PBR on draft?

  2. hlipner Says:

    I hate “bar” music

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