Welcome, s.t.b. brasserie downstairs!

01/11/08 :: by stina


Am I the only one who’s dying to know what sort of restaurant will be joining us on the 2nd floor in the not-to-distant future? Probably. But in case you, like me, eagerly crane your neck into the construction zone when the elevator accidentally opens on floor 2, I have some definitive news for us!

It will be French (c’est bon!), which I think was common knowledge but it turns out that it’s also the brainchild of a few well known LA restaurateurs. YESSSSSS! New, delicious hotspot for us! It will be called Anisette (how cute) and we will go there for drinks at least once a week. Even better, it’s going to be all design-y and themed… just how we like it. EaterLA says:

“The designer is Monte Hollis, a set designer, and the look is classic brasserie with antique mirrors, mosaic tiled floors, and a zinc bar that runs the length of one side of the room; ceilings are super high.”

Sounds dreamy. Maybe it needs a design firm to create a perfectly suited, impossibly precious identity? I tried to get a photo of the progress, but they are all secretive and lock the door in the stairwell and everything. We can’t possibly wait until February like the public.

Inspired by Demanda’s plans to take the lead in recording celebrity encounters during lunch, I’m also announcing a new and essential addition to our blog: Food & Drink!

Up next: competition for our French friend downstairs.

3 Responses to “Welcome, s.t.b. brasserie downstairs!”

  1. Cedric Says:

    A French Restaurant named Anisette?
    It looks perfect for me for 2 differents reason:
    1) I’m French (not too difficult to guess)
    2) I’m a strongly fan of Pastis

    We’ll see, but if they need a guy to speak French, I am the man!

  2. brocksteady Says:

    Our star reporter with the scoop!

  3. Patrick Says:

    I haven’t had to crane my neck much at all - I just stare in while workers come barreling out on their way to Del Taco.

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