In preparation for our new office space…

12/13/07 :: by stina

There’s been a lot of talk in the recent days/weeks about the joys and challenges of our new office.

Favorite joys= ocean front (ish) property, v.v. close proximity to shopping, real food daily, and our new neighbor EQUINOX fitness (aka the gym I never use but continue to pay for in hopes that I will one day decide that I am in fact a gym person even though I know I’m not).

Least favorite challenges = (this is all hearsay of course since I’ve never actually been there), potentially weeks of construction, elevators, empty wallets (see favorite joys, item 2), and crazy open/shared workspace with even more distractions than we have now.

I at least have a solution to that last one.

The office collar.

Admittedly it does look better suited for a veterinary patient, but I think we can work past that for the sake of productivity.

the office collar

(via swiss miss)

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