Selling Design: Scattered Notes from Web Design World Boston

12/13/07 :: by Patrick

As you all know, I recently attended Web Design World in Boston. Besides being able to geek out for a full two days, I got to hob knob with other contemporaries as well as have an alcohol-lubed conversation or two with some of the luminaries in the business. I won’t go into the nitty gritty details of said confabulations because you likely won’t care, but down below I have highlighted a few golden kernels that Jeffrey Zeldman touched on during his presentation of Selling Design.

  • Happy Cog Studios has it written into every contract that they will answer to ONE decision maker and one decision maker only.
  • Avoid clients who provide reams of paper work, outlines, MS Paint illustrations etc. up front. This could be an early indication that they don’t trust you.
  • Remember that the world at large / clients are very suspicious of design. A client wants to know why choosing a cool font isn’t the end of the logo design process or why you charge more to build a website then his nephew does.
  • Don’t open the door for ‘pixel’ conversations. For example, if you tell a client, ‘I put a 2 pixel border around that image instead of 3,” he might ask why, and then, even worse, he might ask you to try a four pixel border. Sell the meaning of the design, not the technology or nuts and bolts behind it.
  • Happy Cog does a full month of research and conducts usability audits on the client’s current site (if it exists) before beginning ANY design.
  • None of that stuff was meant to commandments etched in stone, just some general things to keep in mind. It is possible to learn from others’ mistakes, I think, without having to go through all the hand wringing and heartache yourself.

    On a funny side note, his company recently designed the AIGA website. He showed off some of the original design prototypes. One of the refinements AIGA asked for? Bigger logo, natch.

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  1. moquito Says:

    We have the same written into our contracts about a single decision maker. Good notes!

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