a sports report of sorts

12/03/07 :: by stina

Hello out there fluidesign sports fans! I know y’all have been desperate for the recap of Rivalry Saturday, so I shan’t make you wait a moment longer.

Following a rather disappointing second half of the season, the California Golden Bears again showed little heart in Saturday’s performance on the other side of the bay. Despite a brief 4th quarter rally with pretty much every possible call going their way, the Bears opted to hand the Axe back to Stanfurd and call it a season.

Call me crazy, but I’m going to speculate that it was the Stanfurd Band’s spirited performance that inspired the outcome of Saturday’s match up.

I mean look at them:


WAIT A MINUTE! Does that saxophonist in the shades look familiar to anyone else? HEY isn’t that jhara?!?


WHY YES, yes it is! She’s even wearing footed pajamas! And here, meet one of her fine band-mates:


Wasn’t that guy an extra in 300?

And speaking of 300, isn’t that about how many points the San Diego SuperChargers scored against KC on last night? DAAAAAAAMMMN!

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