rollovers on my new fav social network

10/31/07 :: by hdunce

guess what everyone, if you haven’t heard, i have a new favorite social network. this is the first event site that i think is great, totally successful, and attracting the right kind of people. be sure to check out the thumbnail rollovers!! maybe we should go back and change the way LK’s rollover’s are revealed…


4 Responses to “rollovers on my new fav social network”

  1. moquito Says:

    I love these rollovers. These are the kind of small usability things I think make great sites great.

  2. Cedric Says:

    I just read an article about a free script to make the same:

  3. hlipner Says:

    great. guys, do you think we should do this for LK?

  4. Cedric Says:

    An other great exemple for zoom in the image details:

    An other different exemple here:
    Less cute but I think it’s not less interessant

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