2007 Web Design Survey

10/19/07 :: by Patrick

A List Apart has published the findings of their web design survey. Yours truly took the survey back in April when it was first announced as I found it to be a very interesting idea — and because I had a few minutes to spare. I recommended flipping through it. The survey asked questions about gender, education, location, salary etc. Take a looksie and see if you make as much as everyone else, and if not, ask Michael for a raise!

3 Responses to “2007 Web Design Survey”

  1. stina Says:

    Surprisingly fascinating, no? not to mention it’s cuteness. good post PJ.

  2. moquito Says:

    What a fascinating survey. I like how people in the US Southwest are one of the groups that perceive the least bias :)

    And yes, feel free to ask me for a raise if you don’t make as much as everyone else, but from these survey results I would say you’re doing well. Especially given the threshold we’re about to cross - from 1-10 to 11-300!

  3. Patrick Says:

    Yes, the raise was a joke ;)

    I found two things pretty fascinating.

    1) The high rate at which developers/designers change companies. Only 8% of people who took the survey have been at their companies as long as I have been at Fluid!

    2) Designers and developers are actually on the low end of the salary totem pole. For all the money that is being pumped into the web design business, it seems like very little of that trickles its way down to the people who are actually constructing the sites.

    I am wondering if this is because the web’s origins are pretty haphazard, and many developers have zero background in Computer Science and are largely self taught (like myself) and thus aren’t qualified to be true engineers. Food for thought.

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