While you were sleeping.

10/13/07 :: by brocksteady

Dear Diary,

I forced the issue Friday night and hi-tailed it over to Echo Park after work to do live video projections for my friends band.


The only reason I’m telling you this after the fact is because it reminded me of WTF Directed Study was for — to fucking breath a little life back into the creative process. I know that working on a personal project may not sound like the best use of a weekend, but it pays off when you finally have that little something that you created which can affect people in amazing and unexpected ways. God knows that I don’t utilize every night or weekend to its full potential, but passion is what led every single one of us into the creative industry, so let’s not forget what it’s like to create.

You may not give a fuck about what kind of personal work I’m trying to produce outside the office, but it would make me happy as hell if ANY of you were using your talents for something other than just trying to get the next client project out the door. It makes Fluid a more respected agency and can only lead to building a stronger internal team. Friday afternoon Directed Study sessions at the office aren’t going to happen—so MAKE THE TIME. It’s worth it.



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  1. stina Says:

    Dear b-rock,

    I am so sorry that you feel like i’ve been neglecting you. Contrary to what you may think, I do so appreciate you sharing the inspired and inspiring work you manage to do in your free time.

    I agree that personal projects can be more refreshing than spending the weekend on the couch watching football and drinking beer, and I thank you for reminding me. It’s so easy to while away your saturday at the farmers market, cleaning the house, paying bills, and attending to all the other shit you just can’t seem to make time for during the week.

    Trust me when I say that I will make it a point to not only respond to your entries on a more regular basis, but also to share some of my own work with you and others who read me.

    Still friends?


  2. Patrick Says:

    Well, I do have an outside project of sorts - I am starting my own personal blog on which I will wax lyrical on all things web and unleash the occasional drunken grunt-fest. I will post here once done.

  3. brocksteady Says:

    Sa-weeet. Sounds tight PJ.

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