Picturing Words: The Power of Illustration

10/04/07 :: by brocksteady

In keeping with my constant hounding about the importance of custom photography and illustration in our designs, I present to you: Vimeo’s login page.

(Click on image to enlarge)

This illustration sets a brilliantly creative tone for the site when they could’ve easily got by with a basic rounded rectangle. It makes you feel like there’s a vast, friendly, creative world to explore just after the jump. Let’s pleeeeeeease start considering the importance of branding details like this in the pre-project phase. I’d also like to think clients would be flexible enough to add illustrated elements like this to their sites as we see fit. Spending a few dollars on these visual enhancements can go a long way to attract a loyal user-base.

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  1. Patrick Says:

    It looks even better in Firefox, where you don’t see the default Safari form inputs and focus highlighting.

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