Continuing to Kick a Dead Horse

10/03/07 :: by Patrick

As many of know, Outlook 2007 has taken great leaps backward in its CSS support for HTML emails. Anti-trust issue? Nope. Enhanced security? Nah. It’s actually an attempt to try and get the emails to look consistent between Word and Outlook. Since so many designers use Word to lay out HTML comps, this is very useful. Oh wait.

So,is there anything that can be done? Well, leaders of the Microsoft/WaSP Task Force encourage you to chime in to this discussion with links to previously working emails that now look like the morning after prom in Outlook 2007. Hopefully, things will change and change fast. But that’s not the nature of MicroSoft. They have still yet to follow several standard conventions as laid down by the W3C for JavaScript - but that’s an entirely different, equally boring, blog post all together.

I am not bashing MS per se, but it’s a shame that business reasons are the basis for technological decisions at times. Oh well. My web mail doesn’t even allow HTML anyway.

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  1. brocksteady Says:

    Seriously. MS’s stubborn unilateral approach is reminding me more and more of GWB.

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