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08/29/07 :: by hdunce


IM with David Cook (flash developer)

4:34 PM
HDUNCE: hey are you there?
i have a q

DAVID: shoot

HDUNCE: we are thinking about doing this nav bar in flash
because it has dropdowns
using a non HTML font
but there are issues:
the home page - orange section will be in flash
but the interior pages will be in HTML, thus the flash will overlap on top of the HTML
are there any issues with flash on HTML?
we were thinking that maybe the nav should be in flash because it will take less time to develop than creating all the on and off states

DAVID: yeah
not sure how you’d get those drop downs in flash though
thats the only problem

HDUNCE: but will we have problems with the nav droping over the HTML ?

DAVID: what do you mean. there shouldn’t be any problem having flash on top of HTML
because you can set the CSS positioning properties of the flash to sit on top of the HTML
but what you would run into is the height of the flash bar
for a page like this

HDUNCE: why?
the height of the original flash piece would be as tall as the menu
when you rollover I’m not sure how you’d change the height of the flash piece
so that the drop down menu part doesn’t look like its masked
sorry if I’m confusing

HDUNCE: so, we cant do it
we need to do it in HTML?

DAVID: I’d think that’d be your easiest bet in my mind

HDUNCE: ok, that’s what we will have to do
thanks then

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  1. Patrick Says:

    The issue is putting HTML over Flash. it works sometimes (depending on the complexity of the animations and motion of the movie underneath) but doesn’t all the time on all browsers - yet.

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