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08/06/07 :: by hdunce

Hey guys,

I want to put together a list of our favorite resources for design, html, php, and web 2.0 stuff for 2 reasons that are kinda the same:

1) i think it would be good to have on this blog in the right hand column (or somewhere) for our own sharing reasons
2) i think it would be great for the new junior project manager and possible for our new receptionist Jessica

So, we can either vote on the best 25 or just post them all…. thoughts?


2 Responses to “Blogs/Reading Materials/Resources”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Why don’t we create a Fluid delicious account?

  2. hlipner Says:

    how would that work though? I have a delicious account, can i decide to share with just FD’s delicious account?

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