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08/01/07 :: by hdunce

hey, if you didn’t know, we were bidding on a project for redbull to develop a facebook app. and if you didn’t know that you prob didn’t know that we didn’t get it due to budget constraints. Well, now, if you aren’t on facebook, i think you should join. i was very hesitant at first, not wanting to be associated with a social network for college or highschool kids ;), but i was actually pleasantly surprised by how fun the site is (for anybody regardless of age) and the way it works. create an account, try it out, and tell everyone what you think.

I almost forgot about the real reason i posted this, check out this facebook app here.

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  1. hlipner Says:

    more on this: http://www.startup-review.com/blog/key-success-factors-for-facebook-apps.php

  2. brocksteady Says:

    Nice H, did FB pay you for the endorsement? ;-)

  3. hlipner Says:


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