Opera on a Phone

07/18/07 :: by Patrick

So, all the chatter about the iPhone has got you thinking about the mobile web, huh? But if you won’t have (or don’t want) an iPhone in the foreseeable future, what are your best options for using the web-enabled phones that are already out there?

Fortunately, Opera is a leader of the pack in mobile web browsing. Opera Mobile is a fully fledged web browser and even supports Flash and Ajax technologies. So, if you aren’t fortunate enough to get your greasy, calloused mitts on an iPhone, you can still enjoy a rich web experience thanks to the Opera browser.

The also offer Opera Mini, which you can demo on their site. Opera Mini acts as a server between your phone and the site you are requesting. It’s currently in beta, natch.

3 Responses to “Opera on a Phone”

  1. hlipner Says:

    very cool. ugly logo. mike can i get an opera?

  2. brocksteady Says:

    Dope. I have no clue why the iphone can’t support flash if Opera can.

    H, Opera is the browser - not the device.

  3. Patrick Says:

    That’s true - I should have made that more clear. If you’re on the iPhone, you’re all set with Safari and thus don’t need Opera.

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