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07/16/07 :: by hdunce

so today i asked engineworks why yelp.com comes up first in google when doing a search for a restaurant/etc.

2 reasons:

1) local search is easier to rank for
2) their site has a TON of user generated content
a) none of the pages are “private” so all of the pages get indexed
b) there is a lot of NEW user generated content DAILY

So, Mike, we should think about this as we are building Nesting….i think it may be a good idea to figure out a way to index some of the “private/member only/friend only” pages. For example, for CAN, but we allow some of the “subscriber only article” pages to be indexed (the title and beginning paragraph).

just some thoughts…

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  1. Patrick Says:

    The official Zune home - zune.net is finally alive, confoundingly (if you understand SEO) at the URL:
    http://www.zune.net/en-US/. In 2008 onwards, when other countries get the Zune, one presumes that we will see URLs
    such as http://www.zune.net/en-GB/, http://www.zune.net/en-AU/ etc. Anyway, the Zune team is too busy with meeting
    the deadline, so SEO is probably not even on the horizon. :(

    The site features the Zune Marketplace, another SEO-challenged site - Zune Arts (https for some reason not yet
    obvious), Zune accessories, sharing Zune tunes, events and links.

    The Zune Pass is very appealing - sign up for a free trial, or get a monthly or 3-monthly pass and you can download as
    much as you want.

    The site has many nooks and crannies worth exploring - check it out!

  2. hlipner Says:

    guys, i have more info on this!

    Hey Kent,

    Quick question: Do some sites get indexed quicker than other sites? We posted this job today on krop.com, and it looks like Google already found it.



    Heather -

    Yes they do. The more often Google finds fresh content the more often it will spider a page. Krop updates pretty much hourly. So I’m sure Google is visiting the site a few times a day.


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