Great usability in ecommerce

07/15/07 :: by moquito

This is one of the best checkout experiences I’ve had. The attention to detail is fantastic. When I start typing my credit card #, it greys out the other card types because it knows that only Amex #s start with 3.

As I chose my shipping option, it automatically updates the price in the top right without refreshing the page.

It’s incredibly clear and streamlined - why does anyone have a multistep checkout process?

We should find an open source shopping cart system that is this streamlined.



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  1. Patrick Says:

    I think the reason you see the process broken into two steps on many sites is partly because a lot of them relied on iterations of osCommerce and ZenCart, which both break the shopping cart functionality into stages. Changing this has traditionally been like crawling over broken glass only to take a dip in a pool of lime juice and tequila (hello Sonny!).

    Maybe our friends over at Varien have a more efficient tool. It seems pretty sweet so far. Also, the same folks behind the CakePHP framework are releasing a cart later this year - we should keep our peepers peeled for that ass well.

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