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06/22/07 :: by moquito Visual Stock Photo Search is a stock photo search portal based on visual search technology. provides natural and intuitive interactive search for stock photography providing buyers with a browsing experience based on both visual content and keywords. The key to the visual search capabilities is the portal’s color and image search engines, powered by CogniSign Intelligent Image Recognition Technology.

In laymen’s terms, offers three types of interrelated search options. Tradition search delivers photos based on tagged keywords and is much the same as others in the stock photography market. Where gets interesting is in color and image search. allows color search matching, for example if a stock photograph was needed that matched a brochure or web site in terms of colors, users are able to refine the photo search to those colors by utilizing a color chart or by inserting the exact hexadecimal color into a box. Image search provides similar photos based on a user uploaded image or via a drag and drop of images found in an initial search. competes with other visual search sites including Riya, Pixsy and PicSearch. Xcavator isn’t necessarily better than any of their competitors, but different. The color and related search capabilities don’t have the same level of user enjoyment as Riya’s search features do, yet’s features feel more practical and are definitely more finely targeted at niche stock photo search. recently signed a deal with iStockphoto that delivers 1.8 Million images from 38,000 contributors into the search database. The site comes out of Beta on July 2.

2 Responses to “Stock photo search - we should use this!”

  1. brocksteady Says:

    Please remember that stock photography should be used for comping purposes only—and we’ll only use stock for final designs in worst case scenerios.

    This site uses iStock, so it goes on the “internal use only” list. We need to push custom photography on every project, and some of our best work shows how photography can drive the design (i. e. World Vision, Physique, KandyKruise, Lisa Kline). But if we HAVE to use stock, please only direct clients to the best possible options (Getty, etc).

  2. brocksteady Says:

    But yeah, the color searching is pretty cool.

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