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06/21/07 :: by brocksteady


Okay. I’m going to continue pretending people care about these posts.

I spent a few weeks helping Narrow Books layout the 280 page compilation of work from Travis Millard. If you have any idea as to how much work Travis pumps out, you’ll release what a daunting task this was. But after all the dust settled (and the ink from the Chinese sweatshop dried) I’m very happy with how it turned out. It has a nice mix of his narrative illustrated stories, sketchbook madness, installations, documentary photos, paintings and zines.

Travis will be signing and presenting the brand new book at Silver Lake’s Jeff Electric Gallery — Tues. July 10th, 7-10pm
3022 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026 [Like you're going to go.]

Other book tour stops:

SAN FRANCISCO / Sun. July 15th
Giant Robot San Francisco
618 Shrader St. San Francisco, CA 94117

NEW YORK / Thurs. August 9th, 7-10pm
Riviera Gallery
103 Metropolitan Avenue Williamsburg, Brooklyn

3 Responses to “Hey Fudge”

  1. stina Says:

    oh, poor brock! no one will blog with you?

    see i read them! i will have to think of something to add. i think the book is awesome. maybe i will come to silverlake! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. better chance of me flying to san francisco.

    one of these days…

  2. Patrick Says:

    Can’t expect Kristina to take the 4 day hot air balloon trip to the east side…mmm fudge.

  3. demanda Says:

    Ya know I’ll be at the opening. fer sher.

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