The Graphic Design Special Olympics

06/20/07 :: by brocksteady

So I was thinking. I really want to sponsor the first ever Graphic Design Special Olympics. It’s in a very early concepting phase, but I’m opening this post up for your suggestions on comps and prizes.

Some possible competitions:

- The 5 minute website comp.
- The 5 mouse gesture comp. (This includes clicking, so you better be tight on your quick-key game.)
- Redesign Google homepage while blindfolded.
- Group Competition: Design the most cliched Web 2.0 style website.
- Create a brand identity using the following elements: Comic Sans, Shelley Allegro Script, rainbow gradient, drop shadow.
- Design without visual goals.

Just getting this started. I think we could throw a party w/ a ton of laptops, video projectors, etc and geek out hard on some pixel pushing. Post your other ideas here.

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  1. brocksteady Says:

    Uh, actually nevermind. I’ve got some friends in SF who want to do this with me.

  2. brocksteady Says:

    I can’t believe no one had any ideas for this. I pretty much just sent the title of the event to various friends outside of fluid and got a ton of immediate [and hilarious] responses.

    I guess this is why no one got excited about my idea to throw a birthday party for Helvetica. This is just the kind of creativity and enthusiasm we need around here!

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