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11/05/08 :: by pwang

Working all day on the computer, I am constantly looking for new shortcuts and improvements to my process. Here are two new tools I am and will be using for a while.

1. TabGroups+ - this Firefox extension adds another layer of organization to standard tabs, potentially allowing a single Firefox window to have hundreds of tabs, provided you have enough free system resources. Since whatever I work on usually takes a few tabs each, this means I can better organize all my browser instances into one window, for better or worse. Note that you can set Firefox to start with previously open tabs, preventing you from losing your tabs session after a crash. Also note this extension is experimental, so you’ll need to register for an account on Mozilla.

2. Dropbox - follows the current web trend and is a free online web service that stores your files on the cloud. You can download their cross-platform desktop app to as many computers as desired. When the app is running, it syncs whatever is in your special Dropbox folder on that computer with your Dropbox webspace. If you’re working on many computers throughout the week like I am, the few minutes of setup time is definitely worth it. Even more, Dropbox allows you to share folders with other users like your friends.

What really sold me with both tools is the easy of use and the general lack of configuration and feature creep. They do a couple things, but they do them really well, and it doesn’t take a tech wizard to use them.

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    Very cool.

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