Yes We Can!

11/05/08 :: by magalish

Due to be released in December, Yes We Can: Barack Obama’s History-Making Presidential Campaign documents Barack Obama’s journey to become elected president. The book features over 200 color photographs taken by Scout Tufankjian, the only independent photographer to cover the entire campaign. She took around 12,000 photographs total, starting before Obama announced his run, and continuing through last night’s celebration at Grant Park.

“From coffee shops and diners to auto manufacturing plants and bowling alleys, Tufankjian followed Obama as he wooed potential voters in expensive houses as well as in poverty-stricken Indian reservations. She covered the primaries, the debates, and the final weeks of the hard-fought campaign, shooting more than 12,000 images—the deepest, most comprehensive, and most personal portrait of the man and his run as well as of the people who came to see him, hear him, and vote for him. Yes We Can is as much about Americans and their hopes and visions for America as it is about the man that gave them voice.” —powerHouse Books

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