has passed the exam with an A+

09/25/08 :: by demanda

Fluidesign’s latest client project to make its appearance on the world wide web is, an online study community for students. The site functions like a study group, where users can ask questions about their homework problems, share notes and review practice exams, among other features. There is also a Facebook app where students can share textbooks and find peers to study with. The site has a plethora of users; not only students but educators, subject enthusiasts and parents.

The new site design is getting some A+ reviews and the company has just secured funding of $3 million. (We’d love to say the new design helped! *wink).

We evolved their existing logo, keeping the recognizable “A+”mark, but transformed it into a cleaner, more student-friendly logo.

We organized their website, made it clear and easy to use, and gave them a fresh color scheme to appeal to students. We also designed some cute little icons to signify the user types. Here they are for a better look:

We were excited to be a part of this project, and are interested to see how this company will do in the coming months! Go Cramster!

2 Responses to “ has passed the exam with an A+”

  1. Marco Says:

    Wow that’s a cool website! I would definately like to have this in the Netherlands as well!

    This must be an award winning website!

  2. magalish Says:

    I have to say, I really enjoyed working on this site. It’s great to be involved with projects that are more than just cool designs - that also have really innovative concepts behind them. I can see how using could make a huge difference in a student’s life - I wish I knew about it when I was in school!

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