Visualizing 700 billion

09/25/08 :: by brocksteady

Justin Jackson — of one of my staple science podcasts “This Week in Science” — provided a few eye opening ways to visualize exactly how big a number 700,000,000,000 really is.

The 700 billion dollar corporate donation given out by our very generous federal government is, scientifically speaking, approximately equivalent to…

191 dollars for every mile between the Sun and planet formerly known as Pluto.

155 dollars for every year the planet earth has existed.

140 dollars for every year the sun is expected to continue shining.

More than 2 dollars for every star in the milky way galaxy.

2300 dollars for every American alive, regardless of age.

100 dollars for every human being alive anywhere on the planet today.

7 dollars for every human being that has ever lived on the planet at any time ever in the history of homo sapiens.

More than 2 dollars for every penny that has ever been minted by the US treasury.

7 pennies for every cell in the average human body.

If carefully stacked in pennies, the pennies would reach a height of 69 million miles, which would be enough reach the planet mars and continue for another 21 million miles into space. In the other direction the stack would pass both inner planets and reach more than two thirds of the distance to the sun.

Justin’s excellent examples also reminded me of an episode of Science Friday earlier this year with David M. Schwartz who brilliantly provided ways to visualize the number one trillion (1,000,000,000,000). Good times.

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  1. Marco Says:

    These are some nice statistics, how cool would it be to have it all cash!

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