great flash ecommerce site

05/28/07 :: by hdunce

Take a looky here

me gusta la photografia, flash usar, y los productos.



4 Responses to “great flash ecommerce site”

  1. demanda Says:

    yea i love this site. Olivia showed it to me when I first started. I want to buy everything on it, just based on how cool everything looks. I definitely think it is the best sample I’ve ever experienced of an e-commerce product site.

  2. hlipner Says:

    cool. i came across it on my search to find the perfect bag/laptop bag.

  3. Patrick Says:

    I think you saw this site before - didn’t we look at it a long time ago and discuss some HTML / Flash possibilities for some proposal? I seem to remember looking at it with you and brock…

  4. hlipner Says:

    maybe? !

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